Restaurant Pro Suite

Your complete Restaurant Management System

All the tools you need to run a profitable restaurant and kitchen. Track your costs, manage your inventory and automate your ordering to maximise your profits.

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How Open Pantry Can Grow
Your Business:

Track your costs

Track the costs and profitability of your entire menu in real time using our menu costing tool. Build out your recipes (and beverages), to maximise the profitability of your restaurant.

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Inventory & Stock management

Never run out of ingredients again with our live stock and inventory management. View your current stock levels, set par & trigger levels and let Open Pantry automatically update stock as you buy and sell products.

Food inventory management
Automated Ordering

Connect Open Pantry to your point of sale to completely automate your ordering. Order only what you need, when you need it to maximise profits whilst keeping your pantry fresh with minimal waste.

food inventory management software

Uncover the real profit drivers of your business. Run reports on sales, costs and profits by each individual dish, drink and employee.

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What You Get:

Menu Planning
& Stock
All your suppliers - one place
  • Add all of your suppliers to your Open Pantry to view their full range with prices and stock levels
  • Create pantry lists, set your favourites and create standing orders for super fast ordering
  • Automated notifications of back orders, substitutions and changes in your order
  • Never miss an order again with predictive ordering notifications to remind you to place an order if you forget.
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Menu Costing + Pro
Menu Planning
Live profit tracking of your menu items.
  • Build out your recipes and beverages and link them to your products and receive live costs & profit that automatically update. (Including gross profit % & cost %)
  • Build out sub-recipes (prep recipes)
  • Purchase the exact quantities you require with our recipe multiplier tool. No more waste and guess work.
  • Train new staff with ease with a single source of information including recipe cards which include method, allergens and dietary requirements
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Restaurant Pro Suite
Inventory & Stocktake
Live tracking of your inventory and stock levels in the cloud
  • View your current stock levels and set par & trigger levels.
  • Inventory will automatically increase as you receive goods
  • Stock will automatically decrease as you sell your products, simply enter your sales.
  • Get notified automatically to order low stock products before its too late.
  • Use our customised floorplan to replicate your storage areas so you can easily check stock and place orders.
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Restaurant Pro Suite
Automated Ordering
Replenish all stock with a single click. Yes, really.
  • Each day import your sales and waste and your stock levels in the cloud will automatically adjust.
  • We will let you know exactly what products and quantities you need to replenish your stock back to par levels.
  • Replenish your stock back to par levels for both food and beverage with a single click.

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Restaurant Pro Suite
All the reporting you will ever need
  • Track your sales on a granular level to the exact menu items that are bringing in the most sales and more importantly profit to your restaurant.
  • Reporting on wastage and what areas can be worked on to reduce waste.
  • Live cost, profit and sales reporting with trends.

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Pricing & Packages

All the tools you need to run a streamlined and profitable kitchen and restaurant. Cost out your recipes and connect to POS to track your costs and profits. Keep a live track of your inventory and replenish stock with a single click. Run in depth reports on sales, costs, waste and profit. Get started today!

Restaurant Pro Suite
For restaurants that want to streamline their operations and boost their profits.
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  • +
    Unlimited Ordering
  • +
    Menu Costing tools - Track the profitability of each recipe
  • +
    Track the daily profits/sales/costs of your restaurant
  • +
    Automated Inventory/Stocktake
  • +
    Automated Ordering
  • +
    POS Integrations*
  • +
    Predictive Order Reminder
  • +
    Reporting on Sales/Cost/Wastage/ Stocktake/Variance
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Bowdy Tolhopf

Peach Hospitality Group

“I've been using Open Pantry for my restaurant's ordering, menu costing, and stock management, and it has truly revolutionized the way we operate. The intuitive interface simplifies the entire process, from placing orders to accurately calculating menu costs. Open Pantry's stock management tools ensure we stay on top of inventory, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. It's a game-changer for any restaurant looking to streamline operations and boost profitability.”

Chefs Love Open Pantry

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Junior Malvern crew x

Thank you OPEN PANTRY, we used to have to use 6 apps to get access to ordering from our suppliers, the fact we can do it all in one has saved an incredible amount of time & effort! We love you!

wholesale ordering
Tom Pearson

We’ve been using Open Pantry for a few months now and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. We’re short staffed so being able to place all of our orders with all of our suppliers in the one spot is a massive help.

wholesale ordering
James Evans

So glad this service exists. Has made it so easy for my manager & chefs to order & all payments are settled in one go. The recurring orders & pantry lists are amazing time savers!!

Complete Restaurant Management Software

Use Open Pantry’s Menu costing tools to streamline your restaurant and get your costs under control. Get started today!

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Restaurant inventory management software

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Pantry’s Restaurant Pro Suite is the perfect tool for you to manage the back end of your restaurant.

a) You can track the live costs and profit of your food and drinks.

b) View your stock levels and inventory in real time and get automatic notifications when you are running low on stock.

c) You can run detailed reports that measure your sales, costs and profitability across everything you sell.

d) Last but not least you can automate your ordering so you place orders for exactly what you need across the whole restaurant in one click. (Yes really).

Open Pantry’s restaurant management system is a set and forget software solution in the cloud. You can build out your recipes and drinks which will forever track costs and profit automatically. You can use our inventory tool which will automatically increase your stock levels as you purchase products and automatically decrease stock levels as you sell products (we can link to point of sale). Because we know what is coming in and what is going out and current stock levels we can order exactly what you need with one click, just press “replenish” and we will place an order for everything you need to get back to par.

Open Pantry’s Menu costing tool is where we calculate the cost and profit of everything you sell on your menu. From your food, to your beverage we link all the components to live products and their costs so you don’t have to.

Open Pantry’s inventory tool is where we keep a live balance of the stock of supplies you have on hand. As you purchase goods your inventory will automatically increase, as you sell products (we connect to point of sale) your inventory will automatically decrease. Set your par & trigger levels so you never run out of stock again.

Open Pantry’s automated ordering is an exciting new tool which removes the guesswork in ordering. Open Pantry can replenish with exact precision exactly what you need to order across everything you purchase with one button. How? Well we know your current inventory levels and what your par levels are. We know how much it has increased with purchases and decreased with sales and so with automated ordering we simply add to cart everything you need to get all stock back to par. Simple!

Open Pantry’s reporting tool allows you to deep dive into the profit drivers of your restaurant. Here you can see the sales, cost and profit broken down by everything on your menu and over time. Use this information to change out dishes, and drinks that aren’t performing as well so you can achieve a highly profitable and balanced menu.

Most restaurants are running blind, they don’t know until the end of the month what their total costs and profits were. They are running out of stock, ordering the wrong products and have no idea on what is driving the profit in their business. Open Pantry will give you clarity on your restaurant and will automate the back end of your business. Once you are set up you don’t need to do anything, your menu costing tool will update automatically as prices change, your inventory will automatically update as you purchase products and sell products (if you connect to your POS) and with a simple click you can replenish all of the stock you need. Open Pantry’s restaurant pro suite is a simple automated tool for profitable restaurants.

Open Pantry’s Restaurant Pro Suite costs $199 per month. However we know restaurants are busy so we also have services to do the set up for you. For more information please contact