Your free online ordering
platform for dry good

Your free online ordering platform for dry good wholesalers

Your all-in-one order management software for dry good wholesale suppliers in the hospitality industry.

  • Manage products, pricing, customers and orders

  • Automate your entire workflow from order to delivery

  • Save time, improve cashflow and reduce waste

  • Restaurants rated Open Pantry 9/10 on usability

dry goods ordering system

How It Works:

Your own personalised online order management system

Create your own personalised online store for FREE. Completely customise your branding and prices and receive 100% accurate customer orders. Showcase your entire range, show stock levels and create a set-and-forget profit based pricing all seamlessly hosted on your own domain.

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AI tools & Automations

Never lose a customer again with our customer loss prevention tools and advanced analytics. Our predictive ordering tools will ensure your customers never miss an order again. Keep them automatically informed about back orders and credit limits, all without the need to pick up the phone!

Food inventory management
Streamline your workflow

Optimize your cash flow with our ‘store and charge’ customer credit card facility and integrated payment solutions. Create pick & pack slips and generate invoices directly from our system. Receive 100% accurate orders directly into your own ERP or accounting system with our easy integrations. Automate your credit requests and invoice amendments. One system - a single workflow from order to delivery.

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food inventory management system
food inventory software
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What You Get:

Online store
your office
your warehouse
Your own Personalised Online store
  • Your free online order management system
  • Personalise your store with your own branding
  • Use your own sub-domain or domain
  • Add your customers with ease using our email integrations or a spreadsheet
  • Completely customise your pricing per customer
  • Create set-and-forget pricing with profit based pricing
  • Set your stock levels to manage customer expectations
  • Reduce handling mistakes by receiving 100% accurate orders
  • Set your terms with our advanced delivery logic. Set cut-off times, min order values, delivery fee, delivery days and areas
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food inventory system
Streamlined ordering system for restaurants
  • Showcase your whole product range to your customers
  • Customers can create pantry lists and set standing orders
  • Added restaurant management tools for your customers like inventory and reporting
  • Restaurants can replenish all the stock they need with a single click with our Automated Ordering tool
  • Our predictive ordering tool will automatically remind your customers to order if they forget
  • Integrate with us to receive 100% accurate orders directly into your own ERP or accounts system
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food inventory tracker
Streamline your office
  • Store and charge your customers credit card or facilitate purchase orders on credit
  • Integrate with your own system (ERP) and accounting software, no manual handling
  • Manage credit requests and amend invoices with a single click
  • Never lose a customer again with our customer loss prevention & notification tools
  • Our predictive ordering tools will ensure your customers never miss an order again
  • Automatic notification of customer back-orders & when their credit limit is reached
  • Invoice directly through our system or export the orders directly to yours
  • Reporting on sales, costs and products
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food ordering software for restaurants
Streamline the warehouse & delivery
  • Pick & pack with speed and ease with our picking slips or use our tablet
  • Update random weights to charge the correct amount
  • Reduce waste and purchase exactly what you need with our purchasing reports
  • Delivery run optimisation
  • Delivery app. Set your delivery runs and navigate using our delivery app (Coming soon)
  • Keep the customer updated on your delivery progress with our order GPS tracking
  • Add your whole team so they can manage their tasks
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Choose how we can grow your business

Ideal for all small to medium wholesale suppliers. Everything you need to manage online orders.
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  • +
    Showcase Entire Product Range
  • +
    Unlimited Customers
  • +
    Unlimited Orders
  • +
    Customer loss reduction tool
  • +
    Automatic order reminders to customers
  • +
    Automatic notification of back-orders
  • +
    Weight & quantity edit
  • +
    Receive unlimited Purchase Orders & Create Pick Slips
For large wholesale suppliers who have over 200 customers who want to automate their workflow.
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  • +
    All the Benefits of Free
  • +
    Customised branding & domain (White-label)
  • +
    Accounting integrations
  • +
    Invoicing & credits
  • +
    Order integrations directly to your system
  • +
    Unlimited Price Lists
  • +
    Unlimited Price Exceptions
  • +
    Advanced Delivery options
  • +
  • +
    Delivery Navigation*
Fully automated and integrated systems to reduce manual handling to zero.
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    All the Benefits of Free
  • +
    We can build in exactly what you need. Get in touch today!
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Nik Thyssen

Procal Dairies

“At Procal Dairies, we handle a $100 million annual turnover by distributing fresh dairy products to over 5,000 customers through more than 45 distribution partners. Finding an online order management system that seamlessly integrates with our infrastructure and provides the necessary tools was challenging. Open Pantry has revolutionized our order management process by eliminating manual handling and integrating flawlessly with our existing systems.”

How We Are Different

Automated supplies ordering
automatic restaurant ordering system
Free for wholesale suppliers
Free for restaurants
Customer loss prevention
Made for chefs
Set profit based pricing
Customer notifications of Back orders and Stop credit
Restaurant management tools
Automated Ordering
online restaurant management system
order management software

Order management software For dry goods wholesalers

Our wholesale online ordering system for restaurants and wholesale suppliers is free for everyone. We have designed it with chefs in mind to be simple and easy to use. Set up takes 30 mins and you will never need to manually enter an order again.

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Chefs Love Open Pantry

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Junior Malvern crew x

Thank you OPEN PANTRY, we used to have to use 6 apps to get access to ordering from our suppliers, the fact we can do it all in one has saved an incredible amount of time & effort! We love you!

wholesale ordering
Tom Pearson

We’ve been using Open Pantry for a few months now and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. We’re short staffed so being able to place all of our orders with all of our suppliers in the one spot is a massive help.

wholesale ordering
James Evans

So glad this service exists. Has made it so easy for my manager & chefs to order & all payments are settled in one go. The recurring orders & pantry lists are amazing time savers!!

restaurant kitchen management software

Join the leading Order management platform For Dry goods suppliers

Open Pantry is your all-in-one order management system. You can create profit based price tiers, completely customise prices for each and every customer and receive accurate orders and export them directly to your system. Get A Free Demo today to see how we can transform your ordering process!

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