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Your Free Online System To Manage Orders From Restaurants

Your all-in-one order management system for suppliers in the hospitality industry.

  • Manage products, pricing and customers
  • Save time, improve cashflow and reduce waste
  • Integrate orders directly to your own system
  • Chefs rated Open Pantry 9/10 on usability

How Open Pantry Can Help Grow Your Business:

Save Time & Money

Open Pantry Software will make it easy for you to manage your online orders. With profit-based pricing you can set and forget your prices.

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Automate Everything

Open Pantry integrates with all major accounting softwares and systems so your online orders can flow directly into YOUR system. No manual handling at all.

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Retain Restaurants

Retain your customers with our free insights tool which will help identify customers at risk of being lost before it happens.

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set up is simple and takes less than 30 Mins

set up is simple and takes less than 30 Mins

Upload your products to Open Pantry in one click using a simple spreadsheet.
Completely customise your pricing.
Add your customers using our simple tool.
Receive 100% accurate orders directly to YOUR system.
1.Upload your products to Open Pantry
in one click using a simple spreadsheet.
wholesale stock order

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Your free wholesale ordering app to manage orders from restaurants

Our ordering system for restaurants and wholesale suppliers is free for everyone. We have designed it with chefs in mind to be simple and easy to use. Set up takes 15 mins and you will never need to manually enter an order again.

How We Are Different

wholesale ordering
wholesale ordering
Free for wholesale suppliers
Free For Restaurants
customer loss prevention
made for chefs
Set profit-based pricing
Back orders / Stop Credit

Chefs Love Open Pantry

wholesale ordering
Junior Malvern crew x

Thank you OPEN PANTRY, we used to have to use 6 apps to get access to ordering from our suppliers, the fact we can do it all in one has saved an incredible amount of time & effort! We love you!

wholesale ordering
Tom Pearson

We’ve been using Open Pantry for a few months now and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. We’re short staffed so being able to place all of our orders with all of our suppliers in the one spot is a massive help.

wholesale ordering
James Evans

So glad this service exists. Has made it so easy for my manager & chefs to order & all payments are settled in one go. The recurring orders & pantry lists are amazing time savers!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open Pantry is free to use for both wholesale suppliers and for their restaurant customers. The free service allows you to customise your products & prices and receive online orders. For those needing a little more, there are a number of added services available on the platform for a small cost, like direct order integration which will save you countless hours entering in new orders.

Open Pantry was born for efficiency, the platform connects suppliers with their existing customers. You can load in your products & completely customize your pricing. Open Pantry works by creating an efficient place for suppliers to easily manage products, pricing, stock and orders all in one platform.

1. Manage your product offerings and pricing (there are set and forget, profit-based product pricing tier options)
2. Receive customer orders (automate back-order notifications etc).
3. Export all orders directly to your current system (no manual handling at all!)

Yes you can, we understand that your customers have a variety of prices and everyone is different and our system easily works to provide unlimited customisation.

Open Pantry is the perfect wholesale stock order management system for wholesale suppliers to the food and beverage industry. To start with, it was designed by chefs to provide a fast and simple ordering process for their hospitality supplies. Chefs love it and will therefore use it.

You can completely customize prices and use our profit-based tiers meaning you don’t need to constantly change customer price lists, they will float as costs change so you can make consistent profits. (i.e Setting up customer A with a cost + 30% profit margin for a product).

You can use Open Pantry to take full payments of orders, or have the customer on a credit account. You can use our automated services to notify customers when they are out of credit, when they have back orders and when products are out of stock.

We integrate with all major ERP’s and accounting systems so your orders can go directly into your system - no manual handling. Or you can use Open Pantry as a full system and pick and pack using our picking slips, and attach or send the final invoice straight from our system.

Did we mention we are free?

wholesale ordering

Join Australia's Best Online Ordering System For Food & Beverage Suppliers

Open Pantry is your all-in-one order management system. You can create profit-based price tiers, completely customise prices for each and every customer and receive accurate orders and export them directly to your system. Try Open Pantry today!

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