Case Study: Elevating Profitability with Open Pantry at Bar Group Hospitality

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Delve into the success story of Bar Group Hospitality as we explore how the implementation of Open Pantry’s Restaurant Pro Suite revolutionized operations at their esteemed establishment, Huskisson Hotel.


The Story Of Huskisson Hotel

Meet Robert Bartlet, a seasoned veteran in the restaurant industry, boasting a portfolio of multiple brands including Marina Resort, Huskisson Hotel, Kiama Shores, Jervis Bay Distilling Co., and Mercure Gerringong. With a diverse array of business interests spanning food and beverage, accommodation, and liquor brands, Bartlet is a stalwart in the industry.

The Problem

The Challenge of Accurate Stock Management

‘Bar Group’ faced a formidable challenge in maintaining precise inventory records. Despite having a POS system equipped with basic stock management tools, fluctuations in received products and off-system orders led to perpetual discrepancies in stock levels.

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How Open Pantry Transformed Stock Management

Realizing the necessity for a robust solution, Robert Bartlet turned to Open Pantry. With Open Pantry’s intuitive platform, ordering across various departments became streamlined, with each department granted access to manage and track stock seamlessly. The ability to order from any supplier coupled with Open Pantry’s innovative invoice verification tool ensured meticulous accuracy in stock levels, effectively mitigating discrepancies in pricing and quantity.

Furthermore, integrating beverage recipes into the system revealed areas of improvement, identifying beverages with suboptimal profit margins. Through minor adjustments, Huskisson Hotel successfully optimized its menu offerings, significantly boosting average beverage profit margins.

With sales and purchases seamlessly synchronized with their POS system, Huskisson Hotel achieved real-time and automated stock management, ushering in a new era of operational efficiency.


The Results

The pursuit of enhanced stock and inventory visibility yielded unexpected dividends in profitability optimization. By refining menu offerings and ingredient management, Huskisson Hotel elevated its average beverage profit margin by an impressive 4%. This translated to substantial financial gains, amounting to over one hundred thousand dollars annually.

The resounding success of Open Pantry’s implementation has prompted Bar Group to extend its application across all food and beverage venues within their portfolio.

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Experience the Difference with Open Pantry

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Unlocking Success: How Open Pantry Transformed Bar Group’s Profitability


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