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How to Browse by Supplier

How to view the dashboard

How to browse multiple suppliers - Browse by Category

How to see my Order History

Completing an order (Checkout)

How to set up menu costing

How to set up menu costing

Adding recipes

Entering the measurements

How to set yields and waste

How to add methods to your recipe

How to add allergens and dietary requirements to your recipe

How to multiply your recipe

How to set up your sub-recipes

How to add a sub-recipe to a main recipe

Setting up Restaurant Pro Suite

How to set up Automatic Ordering

How to set up inventory

How to check off for your orders | Increasing stock

How to add sales

How to add wastage

How to use reporting

Recurring OrderS

How to create a Recurring Order

How to view my Recurring Orders

How to edit my recurring orders

Pantry listS

How to edit a Pantry List

How to View your Pantry Lists

How to Create a Pantry List

SUPPLIER LIST & categories

How to see my supplier List

How to add a supplier

How to edit the categories I see

How to add self managed supplier

Account / profile settings

How to edit my name or email - My account / Profile

Email Notifications

How to edit my delivery address

How to change my password

How to Add a New Delivery Address

How to reset my password






How To View / Edit Customer Details

How to add customers using a spreadsheet

How to add customers by linking to your email

How to add a customer manually


Information on product fields:

How to add products using a spreadsheet

How to edit a product and the sell price

How to add a single product manually

Price Lists

What are price lists and how do they work

How to add a price list

Price Exceptions

What is a Price Exception?

How to Add a Price Exceptions


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