Melbourne's Best Wholesale Food Suppliers

For fruit & vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, and dry & frozen goods

We asked one hundred chefs in Melbourne to vote for their favorite restaurant suppliers in the following product categories:

Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh Seafood
Dry & Frozen Goods

They had to decide based on the price, quality and service offered by each brand. The results provided insight into the supplies that covet the most from all over Victoria. Let's see the outcomes for each category:

Fruits and Vegetables

The best fruit & vegetable suppliers in Melbourne was narrowed down to 7 providors. The fruit & vegetables supplier that was chosen the most by chefs as their favourite comes down to Scicluna’s with 34% of the chefs choosing them as their fruit & vegetable supplier of choice. No other brand comes close to Scicluna’s.
In second place stands Fruit Talk gaining 15% of votes, putting this brand pretty close to Yarra Valley Farms with 14% votes. Biviano Direct is the only brand with 13% votes, and Greenland comes fifth with 11% votes.

Fresh Meats & Butchers

GameKeepers wholesale meat retailer is the choice for almost 47% of survey participants who prefer the brand for all their meat purchases in Melbourne. This brand is the clear winner as it dominates the customer market and has no major competitor.

Next on the list of wholesale meat retailers is Tip Top, selected by 16% of the chefs who voted. But, competition seems to increase further down the scale between relatively small-sized retailers, with the same percentage of chefs voting for Delica, J R Forster, Foster Bro's, and Australian Meat Company.

Suppliers that got the least votes from consumers (3% and 1%) are also the ones that are in close competition with one another.

Fresh Seafood

The best seafood suppliers of Melbourne are led by Clamms with 44% of the votes. Next in line are the Red Coral and Oceanmade with 20% and 12% of the votes, respectively.

Businesses with less than 3% votes also happen to be small-scale and may not have enough resources to compete with the bigger names in the market.


The poultry industry is quite competitive in Melbourne, with 5 key players for chefs. However, 2 of them dominate the market with very close rivalry – M&J and Oroso. The former is at the top, garnering 34% of all chef's votes, while Oroso got 33% of the votes.

The Best Poultry Suppliers in Melbourne:

  1. M&J
  2. Oroso
  3. Poultry N More, JAD, GT Chickens
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Dry & Frozen Goods

Going by the votes they got, there is a significant gap in the preferability enjoyed by the different players in this market. Bidfood is favored by 68% of the chefs, clearly ranking as the first choice. And with 10% of the votes, PFD and Complete Food Service are next on the list, followed by Del Re national with 6% votes.

The Best Dry & Frozen / Pantry Goods Suppliers in Melbourne:

  1. Bidfood
  2. PFD, Complete Food Service
  3. Del Re National
  4. ARZ, Hudson Food Group, Sealane
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To Conclude

The overall trend for each product category is that the most favoured supplier tends to have a high quality offering in terms of products and service and is reasonable in terms of price. The suppliers that were in second place tended to compete more fiercly on price but still did well in terms of quality and service.

Similarly, brands that lie at the bottom with only 3% or fewer votes are more localized. They are also affordable for the majority of the population. However, these brands seem to have trouble being consistent with their quality and services, and therefore, they rank below the scale.

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Posted on: May 31, 2022
Posted By: Geoff Philcox

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