A Succinct Comparison of Open Pantry, Ordermentum, and Fresho: Everything You Need to Know to Choose a Partner

Navigating the complex world of food service management for suppliers and restaurants demands a discerning eye for the best platform. The search for the perfect platform goes beyond the basics of easy system integration and user-friendliness. It requires a smarter approach that delves into features offering genuine value for your business.

In terms of digital solutions, Open Pantry, Ordermentum, and Fresho arise as three top choices with each wielding their own respective strengths and capabilities. This article will serve as your compass in navigating the similarities and differences between these contenders so that you can uncover which wholesale order management system is right for your needs.

The Basic Company Profiles

The first step in determining whether Open Pantry, Ordermentum, or Fresho is right for your business entails looking at the descriptions of each company respectively:

Open Pantry

Open Pantry has established itself as a pioneering force in the realm of digital food service solutions and as an innovative and reliable partner for both suppliers and restaurants alike. Founded with a vision to revolutionize food inventory management and streamline ordering processes, Open Pantry has utilized cutting-edge technology to develop unique solutions tailored to individual business needs. The platform offered by Open Pantry seamlessly integrates a user-friendly interface with an intuitive experience for managing orders, optimizing purchasing, and fostering stronger restaurant-supplier relationships.


Ditching the dusty old order pad since 2014, Ordermentum empowers businesses with a sleek digital solution that connects them to a sprawling network of over 40,000 vendors and 750+ suppliers. Their platform is a data-driven powerhouse, churning out valuable insights to optimize inventory, track costs, and identify the hottest trends. Sales get a shot in the arm too, thanks to seamless payments and streamlined operations. Suppliers aren't left out of the party either – they gain unparalleled visibility into orders, a direct communication line with clients, and a wider market reach. The company idea is that with Ordermentum humming in the background, businesses can focus on what truly matters: crafting amazing food and drinks, not battling mountains of paperwork.


Founded in 2016, Fresho tackles food waste head-on with its online ordering platform for wholesale food suppliers and their customers. Fresho aims to streamline ordering, picking, invoicing, and payments into one smooth digital flow so as to optimize the entire food ordering process. From cafes and restaurants to hospitals and schools, Fresho empowers diverse food businesses across the globe to run efficiently and sustainably. By simplifying operations and minimizing waste, Fresho is leaving a healthier footprint on the food industry, one order at a time.

Product Offerings from Each Company

With the 30,000-foot overview of each company covered above, it’s worth diving deeper into the product offerings from each of these contenders:

Open Pantry

  • Automated Order Management: Open Pantry allows for restaurants to replenish all the stock they need with just a single click, making the life of both the restaurant and supplier easier.
  • Inventory Control: Open Pantry keeps a watchful eye on your inventory, alerting you when supplies are running low and automatically generating re-orders to avoid costly stock outs which can bolster efficiency
  • Automatic Invoicing: Open Pantry streamlines the invoicing process with its Automatic invoicing feature, ensuring hassle-free and smoother financial transactions.
  • Profit-based Pricing: Open Pantry’s profit-based pricing feature allows suppliers to establish pricing structures that not only generate revenue but also lay the foundation for sustainable and enduring growth.
  • Streamlined Warehouse Storage: Open Pantry offers a tablet or packing slips which makes pick and packing in the warehouse a breeze
  • Supplier Management: Open Pantry aims to foster transparency with a shared platform for communication, order history, and payments
  • POS Integration: Open Pantry seamlessly integrates with your existing Point-of-Sale system, creating a holistic view of your restaurant's operations
  • ERP Integration: Open Pantry allows you to integrate your own ERP system and account software, meaning a delay in start time doesn’t need to occur
  • Restaurant Network: Open Pantry establishes a robust network, enabling suppliers to effortlessly connect with local restaurants.
  • Customer Loss Prevention: Open Pantry offers insights to prevent customer loss, ensuring your business stays informed and proactive in retaining your valuable clients.
  • Back Orders and Stop Credit: Open Pantry’s back orders and stop credit feature ensures operational fluidity by effectively managing backorders and implementing stop credit— providing a secure and seamless experience.


  • Mobile ordering app: Place orders with any supplier in their vast network, anytime, anywhere
  • Inventory management: Track stock levels, automate re-orders, and avoid costly stock outs with Ordermentum’s system
  • Cost analysis and insights: Gain valuable data on ingredient costs, menu profitability, and sales trends
  • Supplier communication: Chat directly with suppliers within the platform for clear and efficient communication
  • Marketing and customer loyalty tools: Engage your customers with targeted promotions and loyalty programs
  • Real-time order visibility: Track order progress, receive notifications, and stay informed.


  • Inventory Management: Comprehensive tools for tracking and managing inventory levels efficiently.
  • Ordering and Procurement: Streamlined systems facilitating easy and accurate ordering processes.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Tools to strengthen and manage relationships with suppliers.
  • Menu Engineering Solutions: Assistance in optimizing menus based on inventory, cost, and customer preferences.
  • Recipe Management: Support for creating and managing recipes, ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Compliance and Regulation Assistance: Features to aid in meeting industry regulations and compliance standards.

Pricing and Membership Options

Another major consideration to think about when looking between these three contenders is the different pricing and membership choices. Starting with Open Pantry, they offer a free basic version for basic ordering and receiving for suppliers and restaurants. For suppliers needing a little more, you can add-on features like invoicing and integrations with your ERP & accounting systems. For this they price on a case by case basis depending on the integrations and the complexity of the set up. However for the enterprise professional set up this is usually around $99-$350 per month.

Ordermentum has a similar pricing structure to Open Pantry in that their services are free for wholesale suppliers, but they tend to charge restaurants on a per order basis which can affect customer uptake. This can be around 0.20-50c.

Fresho is the most expensive of all the options but offers three membership options beginning with the Starter plan for $137 followed by the Accelerator plan for $258 per month. They also offer a Pro plan (requiring a quote for cost) which offers customizable features for plan holders.

The User Experience and Interface

With pricing and the primary features of each platform covered, it’s time to dive into the actual user experience and interface that a person can expect:

Open Pantry

On the restaurant side, Open Pantry offers a seamless and intuitive user experience designed to simplify ordering. Users can set pantry lists, standing orders and favourite items.

Open Pantry also adds further tools for restaurants to manage their restaurants with tools like menu planning and inventory. The pantry inventory tool allows users to track items on hand, automatically updating shopping lists when supplies run low. The interface boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality for easy meal planning. With a responsive design across devices, Open Pantry ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, empowering users to streamline their restaurant effortlessly.

Going further to the supplier side, Open Pantry offers simple to use order management system. With a clean and efficient interface that make it easy to manage your products, prices and customers and process orders. The order section has options to edit weights, notify customers of back orders and send updated orders to your accounting or ERP system. There are added tools to help set delivery runs and invoice direct from the system. All in a clean and simple platform.


For those considering Ordermentum, the platform greets users with a clean and intuitive dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of products, orders, and transaction history. Suppliers can effortlessly manage their product catalogs, update prices, and monitor stock availability in real-time. Buyers benefit from a simple ordering system, allowing them to browse products, place orders, and manage their accounts with ease.

The interface offers personalized features, such as order reminders and tailored recommendations based on past purchases, enhancing the ordering experience. With its responsive design and intuitive navigation, Ordermentum ensures a smooth and efficient interaction between suppliers and buyers, ultimately driving efficiency and fostering stronger business relationships.


Finally, ending with Fresho, the platform welcomes users with an inviting layout, offering a wide array of fresh produce, groceries, and household essentials neatly categorized for easy navigation. Its intuitive search and filter options enable users to swiftly locate specific items or explore new products based on preferences. The interface incorporates vibrant visuals and detailed product descriptions, ensuring a delightful browsing experience.

Users can conveniently create shopping lists, track orders, and schedule deliveries with a few clicks. Fresho's user-friendly design extends across various devices, guaranteeing a seamless shopping journey for users whether they're on their desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Open Pantry, Ordermentum, or Fresho: Which is right for your business?

In the wholesale food business, the choice between Open Pantry, Ordermentum, and Fresho isn’t just about selecting a platform for your needs: it’s about choosing a strategic partner. All three organizations offer unique strengths from Open Pantry’s commitment to intuitive food inventory management and purchase control to Ordermentum’s emphasis on fostering supplier relations and Fresho’s intent focus on comprehensive business solutions.

If you want a system that your restaurant customers will readily use, Open Pantry is the winner with many tools to help restaurants manage their restaurant. At a very competitive price and unlimited integrations its a clear winner.

If you would like support and in depth integrations Fresho is a strong contender. However prices tend to be more expensive than the others at the enterprise level.

Ordermentum works well for costs, however the moving of costs to the restaurant removes a lot of the desired uptake which might cause issues.

As businesses navigate the complexities of the wholesale food ordering industry, it’s crucial to illuminate the distinct features of all these platforms. Ultimately, the choice rests on aligning your business needs with the partner who can offer the most functionality and strengths for your platform in such a way that your business experiences enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, and sustainable growth.


In the wholesale food business, the choice between Open Pantry, Ordermentum, and Fresho isn’t just about selecting a platform; it’s about choosing a strategic partner.

As you navigate the complexities of the wholesale food ordering industry, weigh the distinct features of these platforms against your unique business needs. Consider not only the immediate benefits but also the long-term value each platform can contribute to the growth and success of your business. Your choice should align with a partner that enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and fosters sustainable growth.

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Posted on: January 29, 2024
Posted By: Geoff Philcox

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