How to Win Bigger Restaurant Clients

Securing bigger restaurant clients can significantly impact your business growth as a supplier. However, breaking into this competitive market requires several strategic approaches, effective relationship-building, and a keen understanding of the challenges restaurants face.

If you are a seasoned supplier looking to expand your clientele or a newcomer seeking to make a mark, the insight shared here will equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the competitive world of restaurant partnerships and help you win bigger and better clients.

Remember, larger restaurants will only go for a wholesale supplier with a good reputation. So let's start with exploring how you can build that reputation.

1. Quality Over Everything

Big restaurants are known for delivering exceptional service, delectable meals, and an impressive array of beverages. The secret to their success often lies in partnering with suppliers who consistently provide top-notch products. Therefore, for a supplier to catch the attention of these establishments, showcasing a commitment to quality is crucial.

Hence, if you are a wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier, it is vital that your produce is not only fresh but also meticulously packaged. The condition of your vegetables speaks volumes about your business, and any sign of spoilage or subpar packaging can tarnish your reputation. So, strive to offer only high-quality products that reflect positively on your brand and eliminate the need for extensive explanations.

By consistently delivering products that meet or exceed expectations, you establish a favorable impression. This positive perception is what encourages big restaurants to initiate and continue doing business with your company.

2. Communication

Effective communication is crucial to many restaurants, and for larger establishments, it holds even greater significance, as unexpected challenges can disrupt their routine and potentially jeopardize their entire business operations. Therefore, to build a successful partnership, it is essential to demonstrate a commitment to communication, particularly when contemplating significant changes.

Mistakes happen, its inevitable. However what you do after the fact is important. Fixing the problem, rectifying the issue and do so in a timely and communicated manner is the difference between losing a customer and and gaining loyalty. Similarly, if there is an anticipated delay in delivering the products ordered by the restaurants, proactive communication becomes paramount, because failing to inform them in advance could adversely affect their services.

In addition, the ability to communicate promptly and transparently is particularly crucial for larger restaurants, as they require suppliers who can assist them in making swift and informed decisions, and demonstrating your ability in this regard increases their confidence in considering a partnership with your business.

3. Rectify Issues

Big restaurants may discontinue their business relationship with a supplier not just because of mistakes in orders but due to the inability of the supplier to rectify these issues promptly. Therefore, demonstrating a capacity to address and resolve problems promptly is crucial for maintaining a partnership with a big restaurant.

Since manual processes are prone to errors, rectifying orders becomes more frequent. But with Open Pantry, suppliers can minimize the likelihood of mistakes using the wholesale online ordering system to receive orders. The entire process, including payment reduces the need for any human touch or interaction which reduces the chances for any order to have issues. From Order to delivery the order process is completely automated.

4. Price

As a supplier, determining the right pricing strategy is crucial when targeting big restaurants. You will need to strike a balance between affordability and quality. Also, avoid positioning your products as the cheapest, as it might imply compromised quality. Similarly, steering clear of excessively high prices and ensuring you remain competitive.

Therefore, consider pricing your product to reflect their value, signaling to the restaurants that they are making a worthwhile investment. And sometimes offer friendly discounts to show appreciation for their business and foster a sense of loyalty. This approach maintains profitability and encourages big restaurants to continue choosing your products for a long time.

5. Service

Providing exceptional service can be a compelling factor for attracting partnerships with prominent restaurants. Therefore, invest in cultivating a highly professional and supportive business environment that possesses sales representatives, customer services, delivery staff, and an accounting department that consistently delivers services that merit praise.

Additionally, ensure that your products are packaged and delivered in an innovative, professional, and delightful manner. As big restaurants prioritize good service, showcasing your commitment to excellence reinforces their confidence in choosing your business.

As a supplier, winning bigger restaurant clients will require you to build a trustworthy reputation by offering great products, providing excellent service, maintaining clear communication, pricing your product reasonably and being reliable, keeping things simple, being consistent, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. This way, you will not only catch the attention of larger restaurants but also succeed in the competitive world of restaurant supply.

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Posted on: February 14, 2024
Posted By: Geoff Philcox

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